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We founded our company Marriage in Denmark in July 2021, because we ourselves went from a tourist visa C to a residence permit in Germany. We got married in Copenhagen on April 9, 2021 and we know exactly how to do it. Now we help any international couples, including same-sex couples, to register their marriage in short terms. During the year we have organized weddings of 200 couples. We help not only with marriage, but also with the procedure for family reunification and passing the German language.

Hello! I am Kira from Marriage in Denmark and I can organize your wedding in the shortest possible time and with a minimum of documents.

Only 5 days to get permission to get married in Denmark and  3-4 weeks later you are pronouncing “yes!” to your love in a magical Danish town hall. In Denmark anyone can get married, regardless of gender or nationality. As a rule, they require only 2-3 documents from each partner.

To receive a free individual list of documents, leave a request on our website with a description of your couple or contact us via WhatsApp or by phone.

We have married more than 260 couples in 2 years and will make it possible for you too!

We will also help you apply for an apostille for a Danish marriage certificate and give you detailed instructions on what to do after the wedding in Denmark – for example family reunification procedure.

Message us right now!

And remember: love has no borders!

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