Marriage in Denmark

All-inclusive service
We assist you during the whole process – from visa C to resident permit in Germany
We deal with expiring documents
Your expiring Visa or resident permit are not a problem for us. We will organise your wedding according to your terms.

Welcome to “Marriage in Denmark”
We are here to assist you on every step from visa C to resident permit in Germany

We helped more than 200 couples (including samesex couples) since 2021 to start a family fast, easily and without any stress. We have answers for all of your questions. We cooperate with the Family Ministry and communes in Denmark, that allows us to solve all of your problems in short terms. Enjoy your special day, and we will work for you.

This price includes:

Cost of services 665 euros

Additional payments:

255 Euro — euros – the fee of the Danish Ministry of the Family (1900 DKK from 01/01/24)

50 Euro — 1 apostille, 80 Euro – 2 apostilles for a marriage certificate

100 Euro — consultation and folder of documents on family reunification in Germany

100 Euro — change of the date/ place of the wedding after booking at the request of the Customer

We tell you in detail
The order of work

Express marriage in Denmark is possible subject to full mutual understanding, trust and a clear plan. Together with the couple, we go through all the stages from collecting documents for marriage to reunification.

  • Couple consultation on documents and process steps
  • Preparation of documents according to the list (2-3 documents from each partner, depending on your situation)
  • Verification and processing of documents by the agency, filling out forms, questionnaires, power of attorney, signing the contract, services payment
  • Submission of a package of documents to Denmark
  • Obtaining a marriage license (valid for a maximum of 4 months, depending on the terms of the visa), waiting for permission takes 2-5 days, provided that the application is submitted perfectly. Deadlines are extended if Denmark requests additional information.
  • Reservation of the place and date of the wedding, preferably 1-2 months in advance, but an express wedding is possible
  • Contacts for self-booking a bouquet, photo sessions, make-up master (the cost of services is paid by the masters)
  • Consultation on apostille marriage certificate (required only for non-EU countries)
  • Family reunification consultation = national visa D
  • Consultation on the preparation and passing of the German language at level A1 (when reuniting with a spouse a German citizen)
  • consultation on obtaining a residence permit in Germany

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    Our happy newlyweds
    We appreciate that you share your happy moments with us

    Wedding in Denmark is a fabulous unforgettable day in your life. Our photographers will help you to save these memories and share them with your family and friends. Behind the scenes there is a big story, a complicated route on the way to a happy family. But they have done it, so you will!

    What Our Clients Say?
    Rhina Dagan
    Rhina Dagan
    11 Monday 2023

    We are so much greatful and thankful for the help of this company. Hassle free and stressless, just perfectly easy especially for foreigners. We are German- Philippinian couple, wish your team good luck and more happy couples.

    Sofia& Jimmy
    Sofia& Jimmy
    21 Friday 2023

    Kira and her team organized our wedding in Copenhagen in July 2023 and we had an amazing experience and joy of working with Kira: she was always acting as professional, answered quickly any question we had and she was replying so quick and really exceeded our expectations, and we would recommend Kira and her team to everyone who would like to make their experience of getting married in Copenhagen easy, fast and remarkable.
    Again thank you Kira and all of your team.

    Aleksander Jarnakov
    Aleksander Jarnakov
    21 Friday 2023

    Thank you very much for organizing our wedding. We contacted this company on June 8th, and already on July 21st, we had our exceptional wedding in Copenhagen. Everything was planned and executed very precisely and quickly. The organization was at such a high level that we didn’t even have to worry about any bureaucratical matters. Our only task was to arrive in Copenhagen on time.
    Thank you so much for making our dream come true! Your team made our wedding unforgettable and magical!

    Fabian Wa.
    Fabian Wa.
    13 Thursday 2023

    If you want to get married in Denmark and also get a further assistance with after marriage burocratic procedure in Germany, this is the team you need!
    They provide super professional service ever. Very organised, helpful and fast. They can tell you everything about the process so you don’t have to worry about anything. In case you forget something, they will follow up and make sure everything goes well.
    Couldn’t been happier with the service and thank you for everything.

    Analyn Mandapat
    Analyn Mandapat
    21 Wednesday 2023

    Kira was very responsible and responding to all our queries, sending reminders and guided us throughout the entire process. Getting married in Denmark was very smooth and quick. No need to submit a bunch of dociments, you also don’t have to apostille your docs at the DFA offices in the Philipipines. I had visited many websites and contacted wedding organizers but Kira’s service is the simplest and quickest. I will definitely recommend this agency to others.

    Peter Rörig
    Peter Rörig
    07 Tuesday 2023

    We had such a great experience with this agency. They worked extremely fast to help our dream come true as my fiancee’s visa was about to expire. They remain the best agency – very tolerant, transparent and patient throughout the process. We are now happily married and preparing for family reunification – also with the help of the agency.

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    Love knows no borders

    Someone starts a family with a classmate or housemate, work colleague, or even a friend’s husband. And it happens that people need to walk a half-life path, years of living with other partners and 4000 km. We have passed a long way to meet in one place and at the same time. Fate brought us together. Fortunately, none of us can look into the future, but we know it will be beautiful and exciting.

    Alex wrote to me on the Internet on the New Year Eve 2020, and after 3 weeks he came to Russia in person with a pot flower (which died as soon as he left). On the day of our meeting, we made dumplings, and it seemed to both of us that we had known each other for 30 years, and not just acquaintances, but a family. After unsuccessful marriages, you no longer want to seem, you just want to live. We made great plans – how we would fly to each every other month, but on the day of my scheduled flight on March 18, 2020, Germany closed its borders. We were separated for 7 long months.

    A few years ago, it was possible to marry a German simply by coming to Germany on vacation. The era of sanctions and the covid iron curtain has come. Now you have to go through 100 circles of hell and prove first of all to yourself that you really want it. But imagine what happiness you will experience when you overcome all difficulties together. I have wonderful news for you! Lockdowns cannot change your plans, especially when feelings are proved by distance and time. We got married in Denmark on April 9, 2021 and will help you with pleasure!